“The 3 months I spent at the BPA were some of the most challenging but rewarding of my life thus far. The course, its facilities, it's rigour but most of all the calibre and devotion of instructors totally surpassed my expectations. It is with the utmost sincerity that I recommend the experience to others - be prepared for hard work, long hours and most of all, a new group of life long peers and friends with whom you will share this unique experience.”

Emma Wilkinson

“A massive THANK YOU to all the team at the British Polygraph Academy for such an amazing experience!
Attending BPA course has been by far the biggest, life changing decision I have ever made.

I have learned so much in 10 weeks that I have been here & have been given opportunity to meet some really amazing and inspiring people.

BPA provided me with fantastic opportunities to change my career and start the new path in my life.
It has been an honour to be taught by world known, talented and gifted tutors.

I will always remember my time at BPA and have fond memories.

Thank you”

Agata Koziol

"I attended the inaugural Polygraph examiners course that was hosted by the British Polygraph Academy between 1st December 2014 and 19th February 2015. I found the course more challenging than I anticipated but having successfully completed this training one of the most rewarding courses I have attended. I am a retired Detective Superintendent from Scotland Yard and worked on numerous Squads including Counter Terrorism and the Flying Squad and during that career attended numerous training courses but this course stands out because of the outstanding practical experience of the instructors.

The course included detailed instruction in both Psychology and Physiology, both areas that I have not previously studied, but Dr. Jane Preston and Dr. Caroline Oliver are subject matter experts who delivered their classes at a level that all were able to learn from and understand. 

The course was attended by 12 Students from a diverse background and during the large amount of time available to undertake practical exercises using Polygraph Instruments I have made a group of new friends whom I believe I will remain in contact and work with for a long period of time.  

The course has had a big impact on me and I have decided to leave my current position where I run a team of International Investigators working for a United Nations mandated Tribunal investigating Counter Terrorism in Lebanon and pursue a new career setting up a company to deliver Polygraph examinations.  
In short attending this course was both demanding and rewarding and has led to me changing the professional direction of my life."

David Thompson

"A well-presented and cleverly structured course, well designed to introduce students to a complex and multifaceted discipline. I found it immensely challenging and ultimately satisfying. Not for the faint hearted"  

Paul Hawkes

"Not a course for the faint hearted or lazy.

A fiercely challenging course that will teach you everything you need to be to be a first class polygraph examiner. 
The teaching is world class, from Senior lecturers from leading British Universities to the Primary instructor and the Couse Director . The course is 10 weeks of intensive learning both theory and practical. Academic excellence is a basic requirement, but without equally good practical skills this is not enough.

If you want a career as a polygraph examiner I can’t recommend this course more highly. This school is a benchmark of the very best education you can find in learning to be a polygraph examiner. I may be biased but in my mind it won’t be long before the British Polygraph Academy is regarded as one of the leading if not best polygraph school worldwide."

Norma Pheonix

"The course breaks new ground for the academic study of polygraph science in the United Kingdom as well as the rest of Europe, and has established a solid foundation for deeper integration with other professional disciplines and the wider scientific community".

Dr Keith R. Ashcroft, Investigative Psychologist, Forensic Polygraph Examiner.

"Literally the most fantastic experience of my life.....  "

Anthony Frankland

"As a Psychologist, working in several different modalities for many years. The opportunity to do something different and challenging, and start a new area of business was very appealing. I must admit that I did not spend a great deal of time exploring the course or Polygraph, and initially thought of it as an interesting way to learn new skills and get through the winter months. The course itself exceeded expectations in all areas. The content was fascinating and challenging. I learnt that Polygraph involves very skilled and complex techniques and needs commitment, attention to detail and strong ethical boundaries. 

The course itself is well-constructed and contains all the necessary segments required for a competent Polygraph examiner, including additional, helpful insights from very experienced Polygraph examiners working in the field. It is tough and rigorous. The hours are long and the level of commitment to the worked needed is very high. The course has given me the freedom to pursue other exciting possibilities in my working life and I feel confident that I have learnt all that I need to perform accurate and responsible Polygraph examinations. My professional life relies on a code of ethical practice and this part fits with that underlying tenet. Give it a go but be prepared for hard work. It may be the best thing you have ever done........."

Louise Kramers MSc, FDAP, BEPA

"I retired from the police after 30 years of service and had limited knowledge of Polygraph. I joined this tremendous course, life changing, fascinating subject, taught by people who are the experts in polygraph. This is career changing moment for me and I have no regrets whatsoever about becoming Polygraph Examiner. I have been equipped by the BPA with the knowledge and tools to do the job and I have the confidence now to go out and practice the art of Polygraph."

Pat Mellody

“I took part in this course, not knowing exactly what to expect apart from that was available from the course outline. I was interested, excited, but again not knowing what to expect exactly…I had been to a few course around the world, this would be my first polygraph course, and since It meant I wouldn’t have to travel all the way to the US, it was a rare and opportunistic move to make of which I don’t regret taking in any way. 

The first day I was greeted at the door by Nadia, who is really nice, and so I was sat at my labelled desk taking in the first breath, of which seemed nice, There was a mixed group of students, of whom all seemed welcoming, with different ages and backgrounds. After a few days it came to me that all the ‘nice’ things had now become great, including Nadia who was my favourite teacher/person throughout the course. Furthermore, the further the course progressed, everything just kept getting better and so kept falling into place the subjects, the way it was delivered, the contrast between theory and practicality, the drama acts of being challenged in court and so having to defend your profession, there were many things which would stick with me for life. 

I can say that Polygraph changed my life, alike few other things I have experienced, I can confidently say that it was truly memorable, fun, self-developing and more, oh and did I forget to mention tiring?

If I could do it again, I would, truly a lovely learning environment ,whereby the hours, days fly whilst digesting new and interesting information constantly."


"The learning experience throughout the three month period course, followed up by stages of intensive knowledge given by expertise of BPA was greatly beneficial, and so much appreciated. The learning curves I experienced week in, week out could not have been better,

The abilities and confidence that was shown by our instructors, made me do what was expected, in a very positive and enjoyable way"


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